Saturday, April 23, 2011

RAJNI Jokes(part 1)

Get over SANTA -BANTA & SARDAJI'S jokes here comes the king of jokes.The emperor,the Czar,the Maharaja of wit himself to tickle your bones:-

  • In fine print on the last page of the Guinness Book of World Records it notes that all world records are held by Rajnikant,
and those listed in the book are simply the closest anyone else has ever gotten.

Sachin Tendulkar's mom's name is "RAJNI tendulkar"....Do I need 2 say anything beyond this:)

  • Rajnikant ka mobile balconi se gir gya. 
Rajnikant niche pahuncha to mobile nhi mila?
kyun ki Rajnikant mobile se pehle niche pahunch gya .. . . . .;)

  • NOKIA planning 2 launch Rajnikant R series in 2012
*20 sim cards
*10yr battery backup
*1 TB memory
*100 mega pixel camera
*juicer, mixer, grinder
*AK 47
*Rocket launcher!!

  • It was 31/2 & everybody thought we hv lost the cup & then ...................
the screen flashed rajnikant...................
rest as they say is history.

 WANTED's Famous dialogue has been Revised: 
Salman Khan: "Ek Baar Maine Jo Commitment Kardi, Uske Baad To Mai Sirf Rajinikanth Ki Hi Sunta Hoon"...

When Alexander Graham Bell invented Telephone he got 2 missed calls frm RAJNI Anna.

  • At night if mosquito bites what should we do??
just scrach and sleep again.! We r not rajanikanth 2 make d mosquito apologise! :)

  • Eminem said 2 RAJNIKANT
      "i'm not afraid"
    RAJNIKANT replied
    "i love the way you lie"

  • Rajni had a reliance number, he applied for number Port. for Idea..
          Now Aditya Birla is Chairman of Reliance telecom and Anil Ambani of Idea..

  • Once a farmer put up a scarecrow wid a picture of Rajinikanth as d face.
      D crows brought back d corn they stole last yr!

     when rajni drank redbull guess what happened 
     "redbull got wings "

NOTE- Wait for next part of jokes.................................

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

The Eagle(movie review)

Genre: Drama/Action
Directed by: Kevin Macdonald
Written by:
Jeremy Brock (Script),
Rosemary Sutcliff (Novel)
Channing Tatum,
Jamie Bell,
Donald Sutherland,
Release Date- feb2011
                                      My rating 6.5/10

This movie is based on a incident long ago and director have chosen  his own version of a tale.Their are many variations of  story which took place in about 140AD,as per the historians; the entire Roman ninth legion(a division of the Roman army, usually comprising 3000 to 6000 soldiers) disappeared in the mountains of Scotland not be found again.This disappearance is still a mystery and unexplained and therefore raised many speculated stories of supernatural phenomena as well as attack by local tribes.

 Movie Story-

Director of this movie need a cheerful applaud,its not because its a very good movie but on the premise that he made the movie in manner it should be made, without any touch of supernatural phenomena in disappearance of ninth legion as many folklore's has been told about it .Sets are believable,simple and realistic as otherwise in Roman epics the unusual grandeur  automatically sips in above the script.

Marcus Aquila(channing tatum) arrives in Britain occupied by Romans.Marcus is appointed as centurion(commander of certain army unit) in Britain which he asked for as disappeared Ninth legion is commanded by his father 20 years ago and still trying to eliminate the stigma from his family's name by searching for the legion's golden emblem.In turn of events he shows his remarkable courage for his legion in a war and as result get wounded only to know that he got honorably retired due to his wounds.

At this point starts the real story as Marcus is disappointed as he was stepped down as a centurion and only one fickle hope to search for  golden emblem keeps on buzzing in his mind.His British servant Esca(bell) to whom Marcus had saved in a arena aids him to journey  across Hadrian's Wall into the uncharted highlands of Caledonia - to confront its savage tribes, make peace with his father's memory.

Bottom line-

Film showcases the peak feelings of honor,friendship and respect but sometimes it misses the magic and at same point film seems weak in script.Channing tattum was above average but failed to portray the complex feelings.Esca(bell) seemed under the skin of British slave who hates Romans,as they ruled their nation. Shooting locations are good as it gives feeling of ancient lands.Music is good but at some points especially in critical parts looses magic.Watch the film you like channing tatum or ancient epics.Most importantly there is no female lead character,so glad-fully no romance at all.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Scott Pilgrim Vs the world (review)

Production year-2010

Director-Edgar Wright

Actors-Michael Cera,Mary Elizabeth Winstead,Jason Schwartzman,Kieran Culkin,Ellen Wong.

Distributed by- Universal Pictures

Based on Graphic novel by Bryan Lee O'Malley.

My ranking- 8/10

Well this is a 2010 release but my sole reason to give its review is that I never got chance to watch it. Scott pilgrim vs. the World is not a commercial successful movie but as it usually hapeens in Hollywood good movies(for example-fight club,Donnie darko) are regularly ignored at box office and become smash hit in home videos and follows the cult following afterwards.Its adapted from a brilliant graphic novel as nowadays Hollywood got a good scripts from it(Example-300,sin city, The spirit,watchmen etc.)


Scott pilgrim(Michael cera) is a guy living in Canadian city Toronto and part of a rock band which consists of two guys and a girl named Kim,who also was the ex girlfriend of scott.He shares his room with a gay guy wallace(Kieran Culkin) and he have acted good as it seems he speaks from his eyes.He sms everything to scott’s sister even while sleeping,it was fun to watch himas he constantly goes on changing his partners.Totally no vulgarity scenes just seems very funny

Scott was just dumped up by her Girlfriend and felt upset and so get into a relationship with a high school Chinese girl.Just keep your logic aside as it seems they live on some parallel earth and it was fun.Don’t think that it’s just a non-sense story as screenplay is powerpacked,action scenes r superb and quite funny.

Now coming back on story and its main plot which is scott sees a girl with odd hair colored girl in her dream and meet Romana (Elzabeth Winstead ) which is the same girl he had seen in her dream,With some funny circumstances Scott dates Romana resulting in a grim consequences for former as he came to know that he will have to face romona’s 7 ex boyfriends termed as evil exes .At this point fun starts taking place as soon as Scott faces 1st evil ex while performing with his band film starts having a superb comic situations,actions which are really high quality and clear.He ll face 7 exes and outwit them through his courage and intelligence.Even there is a girl whom romana dated ,quite hilarious. The last contender Giddeon who had arranged all the exes turns out to be a main villain and climax fighting scene is impressive as it seems we are watching video game as Scott gets extra life and earn points,revivals which makes film more interesting.

BOTTOMLINE- A worth watch movie takes us in comic world,seems like a video game(it have videoGame by same name)where villains have supernatural powers,A world full of bizarre people and worth watching thing about this film is unpredicatibility.Comic sense and direction have different approach, cinematography itself seems as character as use of distance,lights ,speed is great.Music is pretty awesome as it got a touch of early video game sounds in movie especially in fighting sequence.Its a musical movie too but never seems like overdone.

For those who love movies,give it a try and who have seen it just watch it again.

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