Thursday, January 11, 2018

The Misadventures Of Death

I'm trusted sidekick of Death. This is my viewpoint about Death as a person. I'm associated with Death since aeons ago, even when the concept of time was not initiated and the cosmos was not yet created. Me and Death with few other more powerful beings existed before the primordial time (It's an oxymoron that I'm using Primordial, and time together. You need to understand, I'm into existence since long long time ago, hence those words lost the charm and intensity for me.)
Amongst all the life in the whole universe, humans of the Earth are my most favourite creatures. You the human race (as what you call yourselves) is intriguing and sometimes even enigmatic to my boss- The Death. As stated by me earlier I'm keenly fond of humans, so naturally, I acquainted myself with the way of humans. To make analogy easy for you, let me put it this way-- I'm Dr Watson to the Sherlock Holmes(Death). Like Watson use to write about the cases of Holmes, I'm writing about The Death, the only difference is that Sherlock Holmes stories were work of fiction by the writer Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and mine is the impeccable facts without any ounce of fiction.
Humans always try to decipher the purpose of death but to their dismay, they are unable to comprehend it because they still haven't figured anything significant about the life which they are fortunate enough to cherish before dying. I am not going to spill the beans about what happens after death as it is above my cosmic position in the hierarchy filled with mighty Elders.
The Death is the darkest thing in the shadowy alley and you'll figure out my boss If you're keenly observant about the shade of blackness. Death' presence will be blacker than the blackest black you've ever seen or dreamed of in your weirdest daymares or nightmares. Beyond the human concepts of gender, space and time exists The Death. Death resides not in numerous universes but in anti-space.
There is nothing too philosophical about The Death' objective to take your imperishable soul. It is just the mere obligation to perform civic duties as humans follow theirs. I'll not disclose further about it, but to make it easier, humans are more like oblations on the altar of someone beyond the realm of understanding by mere mortals. Even the most advanced races in the multitude of universes are unable to find about the true purpose of Death.
Millions of year ago when I accompanied The Death to snatch the life out of the first dying human, I was stricken by the grief felt by that fragile creature. That first human, although was too imbecile to understand anything about the life or the death he was facing but somehow the fear was palpable. A tragedy is not understanding the reason for being frightened and still, it tames all the senses, how interesting it felt to me at that time.  Humans evolved but their substantial fear of death is still the same. All acts same at the time of oblation.
I am always amused to find the religion and creation of Gods by humans to ease affect of impending doom of death and turn the religion itself into the self-destructive weapon. What a marvellous creatures, to save yourselves from destruction you create another destruction. 
Understand this you mortals, grief is part of the package. Your lives are all connected with each other and few people with the closest connection feel the wrath of your demise in form of sorrows. For The Death you all are diaphanous beings, it sees right through you. Your memories never vanish, one of my important duty is to keep the deceased' memory intact in some other form.Don't be so grief-stricken, as I assure you, that all the dead people are living in one form or another and you'll never know about their existence as your understanding of life is too limited.
By the way, you can call me Death Jr, I'll be writing soon again about the deeds of Death and this time buckle up yourselves because the next instalment will be too grim. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

ज़िंदगी की रफ़्तार

ज़िंदगी कुछ  तितर-बितर सी गयी,
ख़ुमारी चॅड कर कुछ उतर सी गयी,
हाथ की रेखाए कुछ बदल सी गयी.
सपने कुछ बिखर से गये,
रफ़्तार कुछ धीमी सी हो गयी,
मिज़ाज़ कुछ सूफ़ियाना सा हो गया,

होले होले से हवा मंद सी हो गयी,
खुशफ़हेमिया कुछ ग़लतफहमियो सी हो गयी,
इंतज़ार कुछ लंबा सा हो गया,
उत्साह कुछ सिमट सा गया,
मूस्स्कुराहाट कुछ मुरझा सी गयी,
दुआए कुछ कमज़ोर सी हो गयी,

इन सबके बावज़ूद भी उमीदें कुछ बढ़ सी गयी और उमँगो से कुछ नये आयाम उजागर से हो गये!

Friday, January 2, 2015

Grim Instructions

Please follow my leads guardedly, place is a maze.
My dear child, be a keen observer, not a casual one.
Reach to the big rusty  iron gate, don’t try to climb or unlock it.
There is a small wooden door at the left bottom next to iron gate.
Enter into the wooden door, be alert and enter the door by pushing it inwards.
Take the right turn and follow  the stone path, don’t be scared.
Just walk, no sprinting or running, it could wake something or someone awful
Avoid your senses, just heed my instructions.
Your eyes could lead you into mirage.
Your ears could lead you to cacophonous end.

Walk the path between the gory obelisks and keep your sight straight.
At the end of the path, you’ll find a beautiful castle, don’t enter.
Take left and follow the blood-red painted stone path.
You will see a standalone green door, knock it twice not more than that.
Wait for a minute, breathe normally.
A dwarf with snow white beard will open the door, speak no words.
Enter the door and there my boy, will be the place you always wanted to be.

Friday, October 10, 2014

Pondering of Batman

 Batman perched himself on one of the gargoyle on an old museum building. The night was dark befitting the dark knight.  To his amazement the night was of no crime and no bat-light signal in the sky. It seemed that Gotham at last is at peace. Silhouette of Arkham Asylum was visible and for no reason it made Batman shudder and he felt that Arkham is living and breathing malevolent creature.
As an vigilante, Batman met many good / evil heroes  and evil/good villains. His long list of foes includes the psychopaths of extreme degree: Poison ivy, Joker, Penguin, Riddler, bane et al.

It rarely happens that our caped-crusader, ponders about life and philosophy. But today was a different night or to say night of all the nights.

Batman on Gargoyle 

His thought moved around from one instance to other in just a fraction of second, each thought overlapping the other. He was muddled into confusion just by sheer intensity and rapidness of his thoughts.

Gotham city is skeletal , like the decayed remains of great beast;  Batman caught himself saying. City’s soul is grim, creating maniacs as the likes of Joker and Harley Quinn. Am I a crime fighter without a cause or just a victim of the Gotham’s brutality?- Thought Batman.

Is there any naïve promise he is making to himself or Gotham denizens;  that light will pervade the darkness or consonance will smoothen out the dissonance,  well if that’s the case I’m making the pseudo –promises, this time Batman was whispering his thoughts and he could hear it, making the words echo in his ears with terrible horrific effects.  Batman fought many wars but this one is eventually an intense tussle deep inside his brain cells and that’s hard to shrug off. Now at this point of time our mighty hero is filled with fear skinning his own palms on a premise of creating a wrong notion for Gotham people. Nothing can even come an inch closer  to engage and coax the people into false hopes of making everything better.

Scarecrow from his vantage-point felt ecstatic after a careful watch over Batman. At last it seems that he is victorious and his enemy is on his knee, after all it’s all about brain-game and the internal fears are the stuffs, which breaks even the strongest of mankind.

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Opting for an e-commerce platform

Booming markets(i.e developing countries such as India)  empowers its denizens with new ways of business. e-tail/e-commerce is a growing sector, which is poised to touch $9 billion by 2016. From behemoth traditional retailers to individuals; all seem gravitated to initiate their e-store. Simple reason being is that going online gives them the whole nation(even foreign countries) as their customer. Whatever your product is you ought to get customers.

Take an example: Based in Kashmir, a family is into business of handwoven embroidered traditional kashmiri attire.Till an year ago, they managed to earn around Rs. 25000/Month, than while surfing the internet, youngest literate member of family came to know about setting an e-commerce store, which she came to realize is simple and not a rocket science and approached  an e-commerce platform provider company. After a year their revenue quadrupled and about 70% of it is through their e-store.

In order to get an online shop up and running there are various options:-
  • Build it yourself 
  • Selling on an online marketplace like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.
  • Taking help from an e-commerce platform provider .
  • Website development firm

Important things to ponder before choosing and an option for e-store:-

Creating the store from scratch through web development firm is usually crossed off the list as it would be both very expensive and time consuming. The other option of setting up a store on an online marketplace is not very appealing as well, because it is highly commission based and nowhere near to build our own brand. The other alternative is to use an ecommerce platform, which by far seems better as usually the integrated services are part of them which is very vital part as: Payment Gateway, Logistics Support and marketing assistance
These are major standards which must be kept in mind  for selecting an ecommerce platform:-

  • A hosted solution:  Dealing with installing software, renting servers, etc. are really not cool and filled with hassles
  • Good looking design layouts/themes
  • Feasibility of Upgrading of module
  • Reasonable monthly/yearly charges
  • An efficient ecosystem of 3rd party add-ons
  • No hidden charges
  • Simplicity
  • Integrated services 
  • Commendable tech support 

There are many options in India for the same, but few takes the limelight as in Case of a Startup

Zepo is an Indian startup with a full-fledged e-commerce solution available at four affordable pricing models.

Want to test/understand it: Just give a shot by signing up for the 14 days free trial period. 
Simple dashboard:which helps in managing elements of site, Payment gateway integration: for accepting online payments, Logisitics support: heavily discounted delivery charges, vibrant ecosystem of 3rd of third party apps, no hidden charges and  marketing assistance is what makes ZEPO

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Haiku: One of the most expressive and restricted form of poetic expression

"What is HAIKU?" In simple words, Haiku is an iconic and most famous poetic form of Japan, (Its also quite popular across the world, nowadays) which conveys a vivid image or a poetic moment within 5-7-5 syllables.powerful ancient Japanese style of poetry, which is adored by millions of modern readers and writers.

In nutshell haiku is:A Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.(Its the first information you get on Google search when you type: What is haiku?)

Its powerful art and bit restricted in sense of words but let you define even the contrasting elements with clarity.

The below poem by master of haiku-Kobayashi Issa expresses an almost brutal comic contrast and describes a poetic moment so vividly that one could almost see it through Issa’s eyes even after centuries have passed.

Japanese Warbler(bird)
"Look at that warbler –
 He’s wiping his muddy feet 
 All over plum blossom"
~ Issa 1762 – 1826

I have tried to jot down few Haikus which are based on five human senses(I know they are not to be called exactly as Haiku,but i am still trying to figure it out)

Sound of Silence
Music to the ears
Cacophony muted

Eyes felt the heat
Sunrise stirred the memories
Life metamorphosed

Tactual of intangible 
Elements far beyond the logic
Throbbing escalated

Aromatic morning
Olfaction an extreme bliss
Stink unbearbale

Supper on the fragile table
Taste-buds invigorated
Foul food consumed

Let me know if you have any of HAIKUs to share.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

KRISHNA: Beyond Space and Time

KRISHNA as per the Hinduism ancient epics goes is considered as eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.The God himself: Krishna. Known by numerous names. Adored and prayed by millions.

Krishna is an entity beyond the concept of GOD. He is primordial, not just a person or even God but a whole regenerative concept in itself. Never ever a concept(not a person or God) so divine occurred in epics around the world. It is overwhelming  and fascinating to understand the KRISHNA concept.

He is a light, a concept, an idea which transcends the space and time, base of whole universe. He is in all dimensions, even in the dimensions yet to be figured by modern science. Krishna alone seems to be more important in present day and awareness.

Number of western philosophers consider religion of India as “LIFE NEGATIVE”(As to attain peace/moksha one has to shun away from regular life). I am sure these philosophers didn't have the deep insights about the Krishna. He is one who cherishes life as it is. In the middle of routine,consciousness is held by him and all the worldly things are embraced.Its hard to understand that one could even in midst of whirlpool of attachments and relations could be calm and attainable and vulnerable at the same time.

This is what makes Krisnha more feasible and is future proof.

He is not just avatar of the God  or a different versions at various phases of his incarnated life; gokul, vrindavan orfor that matter the mighty and charioteer of Arjuna at the kurukshetra. He is not someone who just recited Bhagwadgeeta to his disciple right at fierceness of battleground. Krishna is ever righteous, even in mischief or wrong-doings. His flute creates the music of  life,among the whole hush-hush of world the music signifies the trance.

All the civilizations in the world which are acknowledged consisted usually of a primary figure bestowed with divinity by its followers. Krishna in that sense is sum total of all the Yin & Yang of those divinity existed or created by mankind.

Krishna accepts all the highs and lows of life, standing victorious .Full of compassion and love. From Radha to Rukmani he possess different versions of love, which are at par from power of words to define it.We could attain him from various ways apart from which usually the disciples think is praying/meditating. Meera got Krishna by singing, Radha through her sheer love and Rukmani through her devotion.

From Gopal, Vasudev to Krishna is not just his phases of growing up but his multi-faceted look into a life lived as mortal, comprising of all the highs and lows, wrongs and rights  which could be easily connected even with lives of most humdrum beings on the planet. Understanding Krishna transcend even the space and if Aliens exist, they may found his life/teachings/pedagogy appealing.

When refuge is sought in Krishna(as a concept) the Karma takes the driving seat and even through the fury of routine life the calmness is rooted deep within. As it happens sins start purging, more importantly scope of wrong is minimized.

श्रीकृष्णअर्पणमअस्तु !

The Misadventures Of Death

I'm trusted sidekick of Death. This is my viewpoint about Death as a person. I'm associated with Death since aeons ago, even wh...

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