Friday, November 25, 2011

Sane world lingers between Real & Surreal.

No living being can solely exist in real world. Without  surreal we would be insane, Sanity which we relish is often combination of real and surreal. It is said that even animals dream, every living being dreams which connects us with surreal. Think about movies, comics, cartoons  etc. they ‘re  all to some extent pushes our step towards imagination and fantasy. 

World famous comics, cartoons, movies, novels, stories, paintings decipher the route to imagination for us and help us to be sane. Dreams , as per scientific researches  plays a very vital part in keeping our brain healthy. In our dreams we often do the things which is just impossible in reality. It rejuvenates us, gives us alternatives to perceive the world. A person who dream less or don’t dream at all suffers from mental disorder.

The Knight's dream, Painting by -Antonio de pereda
A research by Wharton college came to conclusion after a long research that people prefer  fiction  novels  and movies over non-fiction. Think about awesome comic s about  superheroes(yes, they were comics first which was later adopted into cartoons & movies)spiderman,superman,batman,x-men,hulk and many more of them ,we like them although we know they are not real.They make us believe in themselves for sometimes and believe me this sort of things keep us sane. Overdose of surreal could bring disaster as well . We all watched disney cartoons and fairy tales from Talespin to Ducktales, bunch of ducks,bears and variety of animal talking,flying planes,accumulating infinite money but we just forgot that they are just bunch of animals wearing clothes walking on two legs,This is what fantasy is about and we say we are all sane.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Real Freedom for former convicts.

Society is filled with Good & Evil beings.If evils, even very few in number could be turned good; can be a real asset for all of us.Freedom is really a very complex word, definition of freedom varies to different individuals.People who are free(who are not kept behind the iron cells) like us takes freedom for granted.My main motto of writing this post is inspired by Hindustan Time's article "HIRE UP" it was pertaining to job security for former prisoners.

Let me give you fantastic insights regarding it,which is fantastic and could bring drastic change in former convicts.Recently tihar jail organized placement  activities for prisoners who showed commendable behavior.100 prisoners,who are about to set free are found eligible for it.Its a tremendous effort to give them a second chance.These small acts act as a good signs for society because chances are that these former convicts(some of them are not even serious offenders and some of them even didn't committed any offenses) will not again indulge in wrongful deeds.

Number of companies even showed interest in hiring them.Sir Richard Branson(founder of virgin group) in Britain  even made the policy of hiring ex-convicts.Our society(even developed nations) perceives ex-criminals as not fit for jobs and it gives reason to ex-criminals to follow again on former tracks.There was a time in USA when gangsters were treated as Celebrities(watch johny depps's public enemies and recently released J. edgar starring Leonardo-di-caprio based upon true stories)Crime pays but in short term but if these demons are glamorized,things start taking ugly turn which already happened in USA,RUSSIA(formerly USSR).

I wish other jails(prisons) start doing placement activities for convicts,at least it can make a little mental change in convicts to follow right paths.As terrorists are brain washed for doing heinous things.Can't we follow these techniques to brain feed them that 'You got the second chance,make it better this time'

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