Friday, August 19, 2011

Anna Hazare-ism --

Corruption- A single word to describe unethical practices, usually at official level which creates hurdle in proper execution of important things. Reason is just one and that is MONEY. We all know money corrupts and corruption is based on simplistic assumption to have a monetary gain by whatever means. To make it simpler “by hook or by crook”. 

This article is not about technicalities about Lokball bill,its about simple things to attain required goal of thrashing corruption.

Decades ago there was a revolution to get freedom from foreigners (British people) led by Mahatma Gandhi in his unique manner,Now it’s time for a novel revolution and this time its led by another Gandhi follower ANNA HAZARE. This social revolution, if falls in right place than India could boast itself of the most transparent government on the world level. But it gives bounce to many questions such as-

-Lokpall Bill will really be as powerful to keep corruption in captivity?

-It will be a separate authority as Supreme Court (Judicial System) and Election Commission ,but we all know that this separate authorities are even not par from corruption at some level.So Lokpall Bill will be powerful enough to absorb the authorities from higher level?

India have good laws but we lag behind in execution, bureaucracy  rests  upon Monetary gains. Humans are gullible creatures ,we are easily corrupted by money and power.Even our mythology is filled with many instances of greed.Anna Hazare is creating waves and I am sure its bothering corrupts.Bill is based on very divine notion to keep corruption under control but its often said  “Power corrupts,Absolute power corrupts absolutely. 

Hoping for the best for Jan Lokpal Bill.
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