Saturday, April 14, 2012


Target photo -   Assassin’s phone flashed the message and picture,
Prepared to hunt the victim; he readied himself,
Carried the gun to shoot and machete to cut the prey,
On mission to earn livelihood,
Best killer; as he was known among his benefactors,
Always elusive and anonymous to his hirers,
Makes a deal and always asks motive to kill,
Killing was his game to fame,
Stalked the gullible to fetch right time to shoot,
Got the chance at deserted street to take down the prey,
Fired the gun and bullets pierced the ill-fated man’s body,
Blood spilling from head to toe,
Last bullet still in gun’s barrel,
Murderous hand holding the gun,
Paced near the body; knelt before the body and wept,
Gun pointed by him on his forehead and last bullet smashed his brain,
Assassin just killed his brother and followed the path of self-annihilation,
Murderer's brother conspired to kill him,
As killer's phone  dropped near his idle bloody body ,
Target Photo- Showed his face.
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