Saturday, March 15, 2014

Opting for an e-commerce platform

Booming markets(i.e developing countries such as India)  empowers its denizens with new ways of business. e-tail/e-commerce is a growing sector, which is poised to touch $9 billion by 2016. From behemoth traditional retailers to individuals; all seem gravitated to initiate their e-store. Simple reason being is that going online gives them the whole nation(even foreign countries) as their customer. Whatever your product is you ought to get customers.

Take an example: Based in Kashmir, a family is into business of handwoven embroidered traditional kashmiri attire.Till an year ago, they managed to earn around Rs. 25000/Month, than while surfing the internet, youngest literate member of family came to know about setting an e-commerce store, which she came to realize is simple and not a rocket science and approached  an e-commerce platform provider company. After a year their revenue quadrupled and about 70% of it is through their e-store.

In order to get an online shop up and running there are various options:-
  • Build it yourself 
  • Selling on an online marketplace like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.
  • Taking help from an e-commerce platform provider .
  • Website development firm

Important things to ponder before choosing and an option for e-store:-

Creating the store from scratch through web development firm is usually crossed off the list as it would be both very expensive and time consuming. The other option of setting up a store on an online marketplace is not very appealing as well, because it is highly commission based and nowhere near to build our own brand. The other alternative is to use an ecommerce platform, which by far seems better as usually the integrated services are part of them which is very vital part as: Payment Gateway, Logistics Support and marketing assistance
These are major standards which must be kept in mind  for selecting an ecommerce platform:-

  • A hosted solution:  Dealing with installing software, renting servers, etc. are really not cool and filled with hassles
  • Good looking design layouts/themes
  • Feasibility of Upgrading of module
  • Reasonable monthly/yearly charges
  • An efficient ecosystem of 3rd party add-ons
  • No hidden charges
  • Simplicity
  • Integrated services 
  • Commendable tech support 

There are many options in India for the same, but few takes the limelight as in Case of a Startup

Zepo is an Indian startup with a full-fledged e-commerce solution available at four affordable pricing models.

Want to test/understand it: Just give a shot by signing up for the 14 days free trial period. 
Simple dashboard:which helps in managing elements of site, Payment gateway integration: for accepting online payments, Logisitics support: heavily discounted delivery charges, vibrant ecosystem of 3rd of third party apps, no hidden charges and  marketing assistance is what makes ZEPO

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Haiku: One of the most expressive and restricted form of poetic expression

"What is HAIKU?" In simple words, Haiku is an iconic and most famous poetic form of Japan, (Its also quite popular across the world, nowadays) which conveys a vivid image or a poetic moment within 5-7-5 syllables.powerful ancient Japanese style of poetry, which is adored by millions of modern readers and writers.

In nutshell haiku is:A Japanese poem of seventeen syllables, in three lines of five, seven, and five, traditionally evoking images of the natural world.(Its the first information you get on Google search when you type: What is haiku?)

Its powerful art and bit restricted in sense of words but let you define even the contrasting elements with clarity.

The below poem by master of haiku-Kobayashi Issa expresses an almost brutal comic contrast and describes a poetic moment so vividly that one could almost see it through Issa’s eyes even after centuries have passed.

Japanese Warbler(bird)
"Look at that warbler –
 He’s wiping his muddy feet 
 All over plum blossom"
~ Issa 1762 – 1826

I have tried to jot down few Haikus which are based on five human senses(I know they are not to be called exactly as Haiku,but i am still trying to figure it out)

Sound of Silence
Music to the ears
Cacophony muted

Eyes felt the heat
Sunrise stirred the memories
Life metamorphosed

Tactual of intangible 
Elements far beyond the logic
Throbbing escalated

Aromatic morning
Olfaction an extreme bliss
Stink unbearbale

Supper on the fragile table
Taste-buds invigorated
Foul food consumed

Let me know if you have any of HAIKUs to share.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

KRISHNA: Beyond Space and Time

KRISHNA as per the Hinduism ancient epics goes is considered as  eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.The God himself,Krishna. Known by numerous names.Adored and prayed by millions.

Krishna is entity beyond the concept of GOD.He is primordial,not just a person but a whole regenerative concept in itself.Never ever a concept(not a person or God) so divine occurred in epics around the world.It is overwhelming  and fascinating to understand the KRISHNA concept.

He is a light, a concept, an idea which transcends the space and time, base of whole universe.He is in all dimensions, even in the dimensions yet to be figured by modern science.Krishna alone seems to be more important in present day and awareness.

Number of western philosophers consider religion of India as “LIFE NEGATIVE”(As to attain peace/moksha one has to shun away from regular life).I am sure these philosophers didn't have the deep insights about the Krishna.He is one who cherishes life as it is.In the middle of routine,consciousness is held by him and all the worldly things are embraced.Its hard to understand that one could even in midst of whirlpool of attachments and relations could be calm and attainable and vulnerable at the same time.

This is what makes Krisnha more feasible and is future proof.

He is not just incarnation of God  or not just different versions from:Gokul,vrindavan or mighty charioteer of Arjuna at the kurukshetra.He is not someone who just recited geeta to his disciple right at fierceness of battleground.Krishna is ever righteous,even in mischiefs or wrong-doings.His flute creates the music of  life,among the whole hush-hush of world the music signifies the trance.

Krishna accepts all the highs and lows of life,standing victorious.Full of compassion and love.From radha to rukmani he possess different versions of love,which is at par from power of words to define it.You could attain him from various ways just not from praying or going to secluded place. Meera got krishna by singing,Radha through her sheer love and Rukmani through her devotion.

From Gopal,Vasudev to krishna is not just his phases of growing up but his many facets which could be easily connected even with lives of most humdrum life on the planet.

When refuge is sought in krishna(as a concept) the Karma takes the driving seat and even through the fury of routine life the calmness is rooted deep within.As it happens sins start purging, more importantly scope of wrong is minimized.

श्रीकृष्णअर्पणमअस्तु !

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

MICROMAX: Not Micro Anymore

  When I first read the story: DAVID &GOLIATH, I was mesmerized. It is fascinating to know that an underdog (David){Definition of underdog-One at a disadvantage and expected to lose} defeated the giant (Goliath).We all love such types of stories as it tells our unconscious mind that almost everything is possible.In real life it’s quite rare that DAVIDs stood victorious, but when it happens, they turn into GOLIATHs. When it happens in world of business,it gives a sign of new Dragon who becomes bigger and bigger to extent of dominating the once leader.

Advent of technology disrupted the commerce long ago and new businesses nowadays emerge around the ecosystem of modern technology.

Mobile Phone may be one of the biggest invention yet(apart from internet off course)and catapulted the company-Namely: APPLE and SAMSUNG.They have recreated their businesses around it and as a result their brand is even solid now and their other products are more visible than ever thanks to their smartphone penetration.

14 years:Global Market- Motorola dominated Mobile Phone era for approx 14 years and after that Nokia for another 14 years and now  Samsung overtook it but 14 years dominance this time seems unfeasible.

China and India are the fastest growing markets for mobile phones,thanks to its evergrowing poulation,as a result local vendors Micromax,karbonn,Intex etc.(Indian mkt) and Coolpad, K-Touch, Xiaomi, Gionee etc.(Chinese mkt) are in process of rewriting history.

Micromax’s Merits-
  • Low pricing of the phones,
  • Free and open source Android operating system platform.
  • Determination of these (including karbonn,maxx,intex,lava etc.) companies to launch good products into the market.
  • Aggressive about their market presence and are offering smartphones at price points which a consumer finds difficult to resist

 18.4 per cent of the devices sold in the quarter (last year) were from Micromax. Currently its the second in terms of shipment in India. Micromax logged in a record Rs 3,168 crore in sales revenues for the financial year 2012-13. It was more than a 150% spike over the Rs 1,486 crore sales turnover it registered the previous fiscal

Their marketing strategy is simple: Fill smart phone market with budget phones or giving away the same functions (as from other companies) in about half of cost,also targeting not just 1st tier cities but 2nd and 3rd tiers too.

Micromax as per news will going to launch 30 more smartphones,thanks for its canvas series which changed the wind

Micromax’s Demeirts:
There is a difference between BRAND and product.Its hard to create a brand but easy to churn products.As I have heard their phones are not durable and long ques could be found in their service centres.Its easy to fill market with phones(as seen in case of mobile phone nowadays,its turned into a mass marketing),create a product and it will sell.Quality of their phones need to be escalated from product finishing to flawless rendering of Android OS on their phones.Right now micromax doesn't creates its phones,in long-term it has to think about in-house production which will help them in delivering better quality.

Its not micro anymore but turned into MACRO-MAX.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yeh Jawani hai deewani- Review

 "YEH JAWANI HAI DEEWANI"(YJHD) : lots of things have written about movie and overall critics and public praised it.

Directed by AYAN MUKHERJI,his 2nd direction after "Wake up Sid"(WUS).YJHD is slated to be typical summer blockbuster;big production house,commendable director,melodious music,aggressive promotion and superb star cast. 

While WUS was innocent and very grounded film,YJHD is bit loud and grand in treatment.Its good movie but missed the bulls eye by being too predictable and to some extent typical Bollywood romantic flick.

YJHD moved too much on fun and romantic side,it tried to be Magnum-Opus and in the process soul of film is corrupted.Conversation/scene between Ranbir kapoor and Farooq Sheikh(Son and father) are just too good,intense and very few.Movie tried to explore the extent of friendship,dreams,love;chronicling ups and downs in lives of four buddies/lovers.Aditya Roy Kapoor(Ashiqui 2 is hit and i think he will be liked by all in his heavy boozer/drinker avatar in this film too) and Kalki given a good performances.They were not side-kicks(as usually happens in movies with big stars) but were integral part of YJHD. Deepika Padukone looked pretty and few places she dominated the screen but over-all she doesn't fit in the avatar of desi girl(Modernized version of Kajol from DDLJ).

Now coming to crux of this movie: This movie belonged,dominated and ruled by RANBIR KAPOOR(RK).Its RK movie and with each movie this lad is breaking the barriers from his acting to dance steps each of his energized acts are feast.His acting is evolved even faster than "Theory of Evolution" and i am sure Charles Darwin must have amazed by it. Sheer magic of RK is enough to take this bit loop-holed movie into the boulevard of Superhit. 

P.S- After watching this movie,few of us will be rekindled with our dormant longing for traveling the world.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Random Thoughts

Damn Social networking sites,from long time i was thinking to write something but earning bread and butter takes a toll and after that FB and TWITTER.I thought why not to post about my updates on social networking.Readers please bear with me .

Compilation of my FB/Twitter updates and Movie reviews(short reviews) which i had updated on my Facebook Wall:-

Watched Skyfall 007,Fantastic movie.I never liked Daniel Craig as a James bond,reason being as i always remembered suave & stylish Pierce Brosnan who depicted 007 role earlier as real charmer,womanizer and enigmatic secret agent for British secret service -MI6.I never found Daniel craig as a right role for bond but this movie changed my notion,its 3rd film starring craig as bond.

Reasons film is good- Movie gives a practical touch and showed bond at last as vulnerable human being,who could miss his targets and makes mistakes.No hi-tech gadgets as exploding pens,lazer watches,exploding chewinggums etc.Song LET THE SKYFALL is just awesome sung by Adele,background music is compatible with movie.Action scenes in this bond movie seems real and practical unlike its predecessors.Role of other characters are superbly written,especially M and main villain and introduction of Q in totally new avatar,movie has believable twists.Some times even we forget that its JAMES BOND movie as director had given it a subtle touch not magnum opus touch as it happened with previous bond flicks.Craig's bond is emotional too and 1st time Bond flick mentioned about his childhood.

Reasons film is not good- Just one reason,as we enter in cinema hall to watch 007 flick,we need bond(almost like superhero) to give superb punch liners and who can always emerge victorious against his arch enemies and display superior future gadgets,cars etc. but this flick doesn't care about that. 
 It is for the audience who want to see bond in other version and not part of typical bond trademark. 
Watched Chakravyuh ,above average movie,not up-to the expectation as i was expecting better from Prakash Jha.As one of my most favr8 actor is Abhay Deol,but i was disappointed by him as i felt,this role of Naxal didn't suited him and he missed the vibe of aggression needed for the role.Manoj bajpayee's role was limited and he too was missing power required to showcase a dangerous Naxal leader.
Arjun Rampal(against my expectation) acted superb and i felt that this film belongs to him,he portrayed logical,powerful,brainy police official who is vulnerable too.Best part about the movie is -it never tried to preach anyone,it let us make the assumptions.We all know that Maoists and Naxalism is internal conflict in our country or more than that a struggle to attain what should be theirs by deprived. Script could be little more tight,as it was the script which is low point for movie based on naxal moments.Making a film on naxals,should also make ppl realise about ideology about the leaders,who started the moment,it lacked the proper expression.Om puri's role was not much bt he performed well.One more thing , i don't get it - Che Guevara's photos are prominently shown in movie,with naxal leaders.Dear prakash jha,please go through che guevera's biography,you will know that he was a rebel and doesn't share the ideology,which,u were trying to show case. 
Worth while movie to catch,if you like movies like student of the year,chakravyuh is not for you.

OMG(Oh My God)

Watched OMG movie. A superb flick.Comedy with logic.Paresh rawal was awesome and after long time Akshay kumar was natural and perfect for godly role :)

6 october2012-FB status update on STEVE JOBS

Visionaries are literally super passionate people and one among them was STEVE JOBS, this excerpt is from his interview given to a magazine years ago-

"I don't think I've ever worked so hard on something, but working on Macintosh was the neatest experience of my life. Almost everyone who worked on it will say that. None of us wanted to release it at the end.

It was as though we knew that once,it was out of our hands, it wouldn't be ours anymore. When we finally presented it at the shareholders' meeting, everyone in the auditorium stood up and gave it a 5-minute ovation. What was incredible to me was that I could see the Mac team in the first few rows. It was as though none of us could believe that we'd actually finished it. Everyone started crying."
 2 Nov 2012- pertaining to the news that close associates of big Netas/politicians lives a life of fortune.
NEWS UPDATE- Manohar Panse, the driver of BJP president Nitin Gadkari, who was found to be a director on several of Gadkari's companies, is not alone. Peons, clerks and drivers of leading politicians have become overnight millionaires or secured key assignments in the institutions set up by their employers.

However, Panse is reportedly unaware of the high position he holds in the firms floated or controlled by Gadkari.

Now i know what must be the better career option, driver,peons etc. of Big netas could bring a lifetime fortune :)
2 November 2012

Lines from the master of awesome writing- J.R.R TOLKIEN

All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,


Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,

A light from the shadows shall spring;

Renewed shall be blade that was broken,

The crown-less again shall be king.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

26 october 2012- On Sebastian vettel's great performance on Indian Circuit

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel set the fastest time in Friday's opening practice for the Indian Grand Prix, boosting his hopes of taking a fourth successive race win and extending his Formula One championship lead. Now i am sure that even his car runs on "Red bull"............

25 October 2012- pertaining to vigor of small town's festival celebration

Its always happening to be a part of small town,as i have grown up in a town it had its own perks.One among them is festival celebration and engagement level of whole area.It seemed that every living and non-living entity has got invisible energy source. Well all the major festivals also included few more rituals and spin-offs which one could rarely found in big cities.
One among them is on ocassion of "Dussherra",where people distribute SONA-CHANDI(gold-sliver) to each other(off-course not real metals) but leaves from particular type of tree.Its super tradition,following on steps of satyuga when Victorious Ram,distributed Gold-silver(wealth) to common ppl.I am sure this is rare tradition which could just happen in India,where ppl are indulged into sharing their wealth with each others(off-course a mock wealth) bt it speaks lot about rich stories,which we Indians take seriously.I guess this tradition is followed in most of the towns in central and north India.

There are many things to copy-paste from my social networking updates but i guess,its boring me now. Mark Zuckerburg,i hate you to make recent generation slave of internet and your site. :(

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mythology: compelling tales filled with Facts & Fictions(Part 1-Introduction)

What this world would be,if there are no stories,tales and fables? I am sure answer is --it will be mundane.There would be no movies or literature in that case,sounds terrible.Mythology gives us insight about past civilizations,people and more importantly an idea which forms the pillar of  consecutive culture which follows it.Every nation is extension of an idea which forms the perspective of any nation.

 I abhor calling it mythology because this word itself expresses myth,in Hindi(dewanagri lipi) its called pauranik which comes from ancient literature(purans).Ancient stories from greek gods to pharaohs ;let us know about the way people lived their lives,the magnum opus of  earlier civilization from vikings to pirates and most importantly;let us make assumptions,improving our imagination.Letting us flow into the rich tales from Ramayana,Mahabharata,Ulysses to dead sea scrolls and many other literature from past.

Stories which helps us from material to spiritual senses.Invoke in us certain emotions and stir thought process.From stories of dragons to tooth fairies everything is so lively.Great archers,warriors,samurais,knights,Gods inducing in us sense of heroism and to understand between good and evil.

Reality and fantasy is so interconnected among ancient stories that it is very hard to know about truth,in the midst of eternal fables lies the truth which fulfills the curiousness boiling inside mankind.

All stories from each culture at some point converge with each other. Religious books too have many common stories among them which i'll state in next parts.

Let me point out few similarities between Greek and Indian mythology - Mount Olympus is place where Greek Titans reside and Mount Meru(swarga) is abode of Indian Gods(devtas). Zeus the supreme Greek Titan's mighty tool of destruction  is lightning rod and Indra(the king of devs) held vajra which posses almost same power of lightning as with his counterpart Zeus.Devtas/Titans from Indian and Greek mythology held the divine place in mountains and posses weapons of almost same effect.Zeus and Indra both fallen in love(many times) with human girls of ravishing beauties and took the form of birds,animals and other human beings with sole motive of satisfying lust.In both the cases consequences followed.

Ancient Indian and Greek tales are written in different eras and geographical  locations than too if we dive into the ocean of stories similarities emerges and it makes me feel that all the people around the world are interconnected in some or other manner.

I ll be writing more on this topic in next sections.

Indra on his war elephant Erawat