Wednesday, August 28, 2013

KRISHNA: Beyond Space and Time

KRISHNA as per the Hinduism ancient epics goes is considered as eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.The God himself: Krishna. Known by numerous names. Adored and prayed by millions.

Krishna is an entity beyond the concept of GOD. He is primordial, not just a person or even God but a whole regenerative concept in itself. Never ever a concept(not a person or God) so divine occurred in epics around the world. It is overwhelming  and fascinating to understand the KRISHNA concept.

He is a light, a concept, an idea which transcends the space and time, base of whole universe. He is in all dimensions, even in the dimensions yet to be figured by modern science. Krishna alone seems to be more important in present day and awareness.

Number of western philosophers consider religion of India as “LIFE NEGATIVE”(As to attain peace/moksha one has to shun away from regular life). I am sure these philosophers didn't have the deep insights about the Krishna. He is one who cherishes life as it is. In the middle of routine,consciousness is held by him and all the worldly things are embraced.Its hard to understand that one could even in midst of whirlpool of attachments and relations could be calm and attainable and vulnerable at the same time.

This is what makes Krisnha more feasible and is future proof.

He is not just avatar of the God  or a different versions at various phases of his incarnated life; gokul, vrindavan orfor that matter the mighty and charioteer of Arjuna at the kurukshetra. He is not someone who just recited Bhagwadgeeta to his disciple right at fierceness of battleground. Krishna is ever righteous, even in mischief or wrong-doings. His flute creates the music of  life,among the whole hush-hush of world the music signifies the trance.

All the civilizations in the world which are acknowledged consisted usually of a primary figure bestowed with divinity by its followers. Krishna in that sense is sum total of all the Yin & Yang of those divinity existed or created by mankind.

Krishna accepts all the highs and lows of life, standing victorious .Full of compassion and love. From Radha to Rukmani he possess different versions of love, which are at par from power of words to define it.We could attain him from various ways apart from which usually the disciples think is praying/meditating. Meera got Krishna by singing, Radha through her sheer love and Rukmani through her devotion.

From Gopal, Vasudev to Krishna is not just his phases of growing up but his multi-faceted look into a life lived as mortal, comprising of all the highs and lows, wrongs and rights  which could be easily connected even with lives of most humdrum beings on the planet. Understanding Krishna transcend even the space and if Aliens exist, they may found his life/teachings/pedagogy appealing.

When refuge is sought in Krishna(as a concept) the Karma takes the driving seat and even through the fury of routine life the calmness is rooted deep within. As it happens sins start purging, more importantly scope of wrong is minimized.

श्रीकृष्णअर्पणमअस्तु !

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