Saturday, March 15, 2014

Opting for an e-commerce platform

Booming markets(i.e developing countries such as India)  empowers its denizens with new ways of business. e-tail/e-commerce is a growing sector, which is poised to touch $9 billion by 2016. From behemoth traditional retailers to individuals; all seem gravitated to initiate their e-store. Simple reason being is that going online gives them the whole nation(even foreign countries) as their customer. Whatever your product is you ought to get customers.

Take an example: Based in Kashmir, a family is into business of handwoven embroidered traditional kashmiri attire.Till an year ago, they managed to earn around Rs. 25000/Month, than while surfing the internet, youngest literate member of family came to know about setting an e-commerce store, which she came to realize is simple and not a rocket science and approached  an e-commerce platform provider company. After a year their revenue quadrupled and about 70% of it is through their e-store.

In order to get an online shop up and running there are various options:-
  • Build it yourself 
  • Selling on an online marketplace like Amazon, Ebay, Flipkart, Snapdeal etc.
  • Taking help from an e-commerce platform provider .
  • Website development firm

Important things to ponder before choosing and an option for e-store:-

Creating the store from scratch through web development firm is usually crossed off the list as it would be both very expensive and time consuming. The other option of setting up a store on an online marketplace is not very appealing as well, because it is highly commission based and nowhere near to build our own brand. The other alternative is to use an ecommerce platform, which by far seems better as usually the integrated services are part of them which is very vital part as: Payment Gateway, Logistics Support and marketing assistance
These are major standards which must be kept in mind  for selecting an ecommerce platform:-

  • A hosted solution:  Dealing with installing software, renting servers, etc. are really not cool and filled with hassles
  • Good looking design layouts/themes
  • Feasibility of Upgrading of module
  • Reasonable monthly/yearly charges
  • An efficient ecosystem of 3rd party add-ons
  • No hidden charges
  • Simplicity
  • Integrated services 
  • Commendable tech support 

There are many options in India for the same, but few takes the limelight as in Case of a Startup

Zepo is an Indian startup with a full-fledged e-commerce solution available at four affordable pricing models.

Want to test/understand it: Just give a shot by signing up for the 14 days free trial period. 
Simple dashboard:which helps in managing elements of site, Payment gateway integration: for accepting online payments, Logisitics support: heavily discounted delivery charges, vibrant ecosystem of 3rd of third party apps, no hidden charges and  marketing assistance is what makes ZEPO

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