Friday, October 10, 2014

Pondering of Batman

 Batman perched himself on one of the gargoyle on an old museum building. The night was dark befitting the dark knight.  To his amazement the night was of no crime and no bat-light signal in the sky. It seemed that Gotham at last is at peace. Silhouette of Arkham Asylum was visible and for no reason it made Batman shudder and he felt that Arkham is living and breathing malevolent creature.
As an vigilante, Batman met many good / evil heroes  and evil/good villains. His long list of foes includes the psychopaths of extreme degree: Poison ivy, Joker, Penguin, Riddler, bane et al.

It rarely happens that our caped-crusader, ponders about life and philosophy. But today was a different night or to say night of all the nights.

Batman on Gargoyle 

His thought moved around from one instance to other in just a fraction of second, each thought overlapping the other. He was muddled into confusion just by sheer intensity and rapidness of his thoughts.

Gotham city is skeletal , like the decayed remains of great beast;  Batman caught himself saying. City’s soul is grim, creating maniacs as the likes of Joker and Harley Quinn. Am I a crime fighter without a cause or just a victim of the Gotham’s brutality?- Thought Batman.

Is there any naïve promise he is making to himself or Gotham denizens;  that light will pervade the darkness or consonance will smoothen out the dissonance,  well if that’s the case I’m making the pseudo –promises, this time Batman was whispering his thoughts and he could hear it, making the words echo in his ears with terrible horrific effects.  Batman fought many wars but this one is eventually an intense tussle deep inside his brain cells and that’s hard to shrug off. Now at this point of time our mighty hero is filled with fear skinning his own palms on a premise of creating a wrong notion for Gotham people. Nothing can even come an inch closer  to engage and coax the people into false hopes of making everything better.

Scarecrow from his vantage-point felt ecstatic after a careful watch over Batman. At last it seems that he is victorious and his enemy is on his knee, after all it’s all about brain-game and the internal fears are the stuffs, which breaks even the strongest of mankind.
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