Sunday, August 2, 2009

Indian mentality

Well i am from India,Indians are very emotional and can be easily evoked by simple conversation or may be very aggressive within no time. We love to socialize and its very easy for us to start chat with some completely strange people. we believe in power of expression,love is considered as next to god as whole world knows we are very religious people.
As from above statements its clear that we are very different breed of people as compared to other parts of world, we are also known for hospitality. There are many beautiful places to visit.
My point is-we are very much immersed into our traditional mentality but the new generation guys & gals of my ages are changing by leaps and bounds. its era of LINKIN PARK(rock music)instead of kishore kumar. Ipods and cell phones is termed as status symbols not just gadgets.Levis,spykar,killer etc( brands)gives them their style quotient as well as provide them confidence,attire is considered prime most important thing,westernization.
But the best part is i can still see those young bloods in temples standing in ques to worship,respecting there parents in same way as previous generations used to do,best part is they still love home made cuisines.
Traditional and modern stuffs can be seen properly weaved into each other.
So many contradictory things in the same country.Unbelievable 
 Love u India
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