Monday, May 9, 2011

APPLE emerged as World’s top brand surpassing GOOGLE(2011).

Google’s  four-year reign as a world’s most valuable brand came to an end & this coveted position is now acquired by Apple, according to a recent study conducted by global brands agency Millward Brown. maker s of excellent products  like macs,ipod,ipad,iphone etc. is now worth $153 billion, almost half Apple's market capitalization as per annual BrandZ study which included  world's top 100 brands.

Apple couple of years back was considered laggard player and was beaten by Microsoft but it bounced back,thanks to its charismatic leader Steve jobs and their portfolio of wondrous products most specifically ipod,the game changer product for  Apple. Selling of Macs are increased by leaps and bounds,itunes emerged as very profitable revenue source too.
Google is surpassed by Apple because of their keen vision and due importance to details of their products which are equipped with great design and software. Android vs. iphoneOS is next  interesting stuff between this companies .

May the better company wins the next round,its clash of titans!!
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