Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dynamic Novelty- The new era of marketing, advertising and promotion

Novelty contains freshness and gives a whole new experience, for instance just think about the restaurant apart from quality and taste of  its   food,we also fall for uniqueness it provides  at our visit. Theme setup is new version of restaurants to attract costumers, it can be in form of pirate ship or trying to copy enigma of Railway station in either way it feels amusing and engaging.
Dynamic on the contrary is all about fast adaptation and flexibility,unpredictability is key here. Combination of Dynamism  and Novelty in this era keeps consumers engaged in product or service offered as moot point here is surpassing  the  expectation and predictability.
Marketers search for novel things to bring customers,it doesn’t matter whether u r selling Toothpicks or Tuxedo ,law of engagement to product or services is vital to success of any product.Starbucks rarely spends on advertising but its revenues and devoted customer base is increasing manifold on regular basis.Question one may ask now is if they don’t promote ,how they are growing.Well to sum it up-Application of DYNAMIC NOVELTY ,it means  a concept where opposites   are combined, opposition creates  concordance thus resulting in different approach and acts as USP.Starbucks  operates  in more than 40 countries and not just about Coffee,its about total relaxation.Stores contain books,magazines,music ,movies,free internet access  et al. Starbucks believes  in concept of extreme comfort ,used for official meetings,writers often flock to starbucks to write,coffee coupled with relaxation worked for them
Nike the master brand,just think about any sport and first thing struck  in mind is Nike.Its trademark sign swoosh resembling right tick-mark and tagline “Just do it ” is arguably the identified worldwide,keeping behind behemoths like Coke and pepsi.Nike is all about sporting articles,probably nest known for quality shoes.Nike know how to promote its product in unique and compelling manner,in select places stores named as NIKE EXPERINCE  is commenced a place to test Nike products at the premise of store itself, consisting of different tracks such as miniature rocks for trekking or Goal post to test soccer shoes . Want to buy a shoes for trekking, well it can be tested by climbing on the rugged vertical rock to test the shoes efficiency.
Augmented reality application by Nike was very engaging and interactive and just needed camera phone to enjoy the game pointing camera on Printed page specifically designed for triggering game on smart phone(Pic above)
Key is to combine totally different things together and gives out new meaning ,marketing is about sending the properly organized and useful  news to target audience.
Body shop a UK based company is $3 million firm without even spending a single penny on advertising,word of mouth publicity sometimes is much more powerful than paid promotion.

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