Saturday, September 10, 2011


Evolution process occurred differently on human race (Men & Women), not just  our physical dissimilarities make us apart but its more  about intrinsic nature,attitude, demeanour ,code of conducts,style,attitude ,thinking process,IQ,EQ ,etc.

Gender creates a huge difference in the way the particular task is performed ,take for instance girls can dance well as compared to guys and their dancing is much more gracious and appealing.While on the other hand Guys seems much more easy while playing outdoor sports and got that extra factor which makes sports much more bombastic  to watch.(Well I am talking in generalized terms off course guys and gals both can dance and play outdoor sports ,i  just considered the majority for difference)
Being Men is very difficult sometimes, because  we are full of vanity,ego,pseudo-attitude but ;as it is said every cloud has silver linings same applies to us even we have our pros too .Passion and zest is just like our alto-ego but the thing we give our 100% in things we like or enjoy and that becomes our top priority.I am not someone who has proper academics or knowledge to describe men and women.This article is not about psychological graph and nuggets but about what being men means…
we guys like anything which is fast and can match our highest degree of style, suaveness and attitude.Guys love motorbikes and cars,have you ever given the thought WHY? Well for  proper and logical reasoning ,I have to take back you in time to the early stages of human evolution ,homo sapiens started hunting and hunters needed to be more acute,agile,fast and powerful and so the masculinity induced in of the genders which is males to posses all the aspects to become a expert hunter over a certain time at the evolution stages.Men started enjoying hunting it was not just a source of their food but also gives them utter enjoyment and it became like a game for them.Different types of tools are invented and they tried to expertise in handling tools.Just think a deer is running with all it might and hunter is trying to make it a prey.It needs wholesome effort from hunter to run fast(speed) and after outperforming prey,wounding it at vulnerable point, with right amount of energy(power).These  things escalated in male,what we are today and  enjoy speed,power  and sense of dominance.

Men  loves to control and perfect example is automobiles.Controlling a big powerful machines like SUV’s which have powerful engines ranging to thousands of CC(cubic capacity).It makes us feel proud to control the speed of gigantic machine,it needs awesome effort of brain and body parts.Formula 1 races and Moto GP is passionately liked by males all around the Globe.

Just think  controlling speeding automobile on zigzag and scary turnings gives a sense and dominance.
Even in earlier times fierce horses,bulls were tamed by men.To ride a adamant horse was one of the signs of respect from others and considered as courageous .Think about gladiators,fighting in a arena filled with people cheering for brutality.Killing the other man in combat brings glory.To kill somebody was not the real fun but people appreciating and watching you for bloody performance which gave sense of calmness to warriors.

Well this article could be hundreds of pages(Being women topic ,off course would be needing more than million pages) but Lets just end it here for time being……….
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