Friday, April 13, 2012


Adrenaline rushing feeling surfaced upon his whole shacking body,
As the engine of his car roared louder than lion,
Excitement revved from car to his soul,
It seemed to him that he is on journey of awakening,
Driver's Will power escalated more than the durability of car's alloy wheel,
5000 cc displacement  coupled with 16 cylinder engine boosted car's speed and his spirit,
Speeding car more than 250k/h and drifting perfectly by skilled hands on deadly way,
At last science of extra momentum surpassed his proficient driving,
Car smashed into peaceful lake and glided on water for few seconds due to pace,
Drowned in water that fabulous piece of metal with human body,
At last driver is feeling soothing as his morale was peaked,
Water in his nostrils didn't made him frightened,
Ecstatic to perish along with his red metallic car,
Poked by his friend which made him woke,
Who was sitting next to him driving a car he was dreaming of.

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