Sunday, July 22, 2012

Movie Review: Batman- Dark Knight rises

 "Batman:Dark Knight Rises" An epic conclusion to fantastic trilogy.Movies needs HERO to make them work in case of this film more than actor "Christian bale" its director "Christopher Nolan" who made the flicks(trilogy) work. Rarely it happens in world of cinema that director plays much more vital role as compared to actors and Nolan is one among those few wonderful directors.Neither do i want to talk about the great actors(except Joker-Heath ledger and bale) in trilogy as- Gary oldman,Morgan freeman,katie holmes,Michael caine,Anne hathway,Mariot,Joseph,eckheart,Tom hardy etc. as they were the perfect starcast.Its more about series as whole.

Well, my post is not spoiler and more than review its about the BATVERSE experience(created by Noaln's films).I am not going to mention ratings,plot or analysis. In nutshell as per me it is between fantastic & super-fantastic,bit short of  expectant spectacle.


Among so many DC-Comics characters(and super heroes from other comics too) Batman is arguably the most popular  super hero(or hero, as he have no super power).From his comics to animated films batman has something different from standard super heroes.He don't posses super-humane power and have  much darker shade(not grim or heinous acts) in terms of execution.Other super heroes as Spiderman,Super-man etc. heroism is labeled  upon them due to super-power they carries but in case of BATMAN he opted for it and polished himself to become almost like super power possessing super hero.

Coming to films, Tim burton previously directed  earlier version of batman and it was good,Joel Schumacher tried to make decent flick with good star cast but unable to make it click. Enters Nolan and literally changed BATVERSE(in case of films). Opulent family,parents killed in childhood which makes Batman feel a real pang of emotions and coaxed him to be a caped crusader to save world(Gotham city basically). Same thing as already in comics and movies before but Nolan changed the perspective in executing story as all those stuffs feel more authentic.Gives him aura of imperfection but at last overcoming short falling to be a true super-hero."Batman Begins" gave batman a new life and audience liked it- from his emotions to romance everything was different and than too feels wholly connected to Batman.

Gotham city feels even more lively than New-york or London and it seems a real city and not just a city but is an invisible character in whole flicks. 

Dark knight(2nd flick) was mind boggling, from intensity of  romance to psychotic joker,this flick seemed stand alone from its previous part.Heath ledger(joker) induced - horror,fun, heinousness into film.Joker was the movie and movie was the joker.

Dark Knight Rises - Established nexus with previous two parts to give it a touch of real trilogy.It was Christian Bale(batman) who was the real character this time.Bane(tom hardy) was great but may it was heath ledger in earlier part which made Bane the villain feel like a apprentice in badness.Film was great but this time it seems it was tried to made an epic film and earlier was itself a movie which made you feel as super fantastic movie. 

As i am comparing this film with earlier version which made it feel bit less of perfect......

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