Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mythology: compelling tales filled with Facts & Fictions(Part 1-Introduction)

What this world would be,if there are no stories,tales and fables? I am sure answer is --it will be mundane.There would be no movies or literature in that case,sounds terrible.Mythology gives us insight about past civilizations,people and more importantly an idea which forms the pillar of  consecutive culture which follows it.Every nation is extension of an idea which forms the perspective of any nation.

 I abhor calling it mythology because this word itself expresses myth,in Hindi(dewanagri lipi) its called pauranik which comes from ancient literature(purans).Ancient stories from greek gods to pharaohs ;let us know about the way people lived their lives,the magnum opus of  earlier civilization from vikings to pirates and most importantly;let us make assumptions,improving our imagination.Letting us flow into the rich tales from Ramayana,Mahabharata,Ulysses to dead sea scrolls and many other literature from past.

Stories which helps us from material to spiritual senses.Invoke in us certain emotions and stir thought process.From stories of dragons to tooth fairies everything is so lively.Great archers,warriors,samurais,knights,Gods inducing in us sense of heroism and to understand between good and evil.

Reality and fantasy is so interconnected among ancient stories that it is very hard to know about truth,in the midst of eternal fables lies the truth which fulfills the curiousness boiling inside mankind.

All stories from each culture at some point converge with each other. Religious books too have many common stories among them which i'll state in next parts.

Let me point out few similarities between Greek and Indian mythology - Mount Olympus is place where Greek Titans reside and Mount Meru(swarga) is abode of Indian Gods(devtas). Zeus the supreme Greek Titan's mighty tool of destruction  is lightning rod and Indra(the king of devs) held vajra which posses almost same power of lightning as with his counterpart Zeus.Devtas/Titans from Indian and Greek mythology held the divine place in mountains and posses weapons of almost same effect.Zeus and Indra both fallen in love(many times) with human girls of ravishing beauties and took the form of birds,animals and other human beings with sole motive of satisfying lust.In both the cases consequences followed.

Ancient Indian and Greek tales are written in different eras and geographical  locations than too if we dive into the ocean of stories similarities emerges and it makes me feel that all the people around the world are interconnected in some or other manner.

I ll be writing more on this topic in next sections.

Indra on his war elephant Erawat

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