Sunday, June 2, 2013

Yeh Jawani hai deewani- Review

 "YEH JAWANI HAI DEEWANI"(YJHD) : lots of things have written about movie and overall critics and public praised it.

Directed by AYAN MUKHERJI,his 2nd direction after "Wake up Sid"(WUS).YJHD is slated to be typical summer blockbuster;big production house,commendable director,melodious music,aggressive promotion and superb star cast. 

While WUS was innocent and very grounded film,YJHD is bit loud and grand in treatment.Its good movie but missed the bulls eye by being too predictable and to some extent typical Bollywood romantic flick.

YJHD moved too much on fun and romantic side,it tried to be Magnum-Opus and in the process soul of film is corrupted.Conversation/scene between Ranbir kapoor and Farooq Sheikh(Son and father) are just too good,intense and very few.Movie tried to explore the extent of friendship,dreams,love;chronicling ups and downs in lives of four buddies/lovers.Aditya Roy Kapoor(Ashiqui 2 is hit and i think he will be liked by all in his heavy boozer/drinker avatar in this film too) and Kalki given a good performances.They were not side-kicks(as usually happens in movies with big stars) but were integral part of YJHD. Deepika Padukone looked pretty and few places she dominated the screen but over-all she doesn't fit in the avatar of desi girl(Modernized version of Kajol from DDLJ).

Now coming to crux of this movie: This movie belonged,dominated and ruled by RANBIR KAPOOR(RK).Its RK movie and with each movie this lad is breaking the barriers from his acting to dance steps each of his energized acts are feast.His acting is evolved even faster than "Theory of Evolution" and i am sure Charles Darwin must have amazed by it. Sheer magic of RK is enough to take this bit loop-holed movie into the boulevard of Superhit. 

P.S- After watching this movie,few of us will be rekindled with our dormant longing for traveling the world.

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