Monday, November 5, 2012

Random Thoughts

Damn Social networking sites,from long time i was thinking to write something but earning bread and butter takes a toll and after that FB and TWITTER.I thought why not to post about my updates on social networking.Readers please bear with me .

Compilation of my FB/Twitter updates and Movie reviews(short reviews) which i had updated on my Facebook Wall:-

Watched Skyfall 007,Fantastic movie.I never liked Daniel Craig as a James bond,reason being as i always remembered suave & stylish Pierce Brosnan who depicted 007 role earlier as real charmer,womanizer and enigmatic secret agent for British secret service -MI6.I never found Daniel craig as a right role for bond but this movie changed my notion,its 3rd film starring craig as bond.

Reasons film is good- Movie gives a practical touch and showed bond at last as vulnerable human being,who could miss his targets and makes mistakes.No hi-tech gadgets as exploding pens,lazer watches,exploding chewinggums etc.Song LET THE SKYFALL is just awesome sung by Adele,background music is compatible with movie.Action scenes in this bond movie seems real and practical unlike its predecessors.Role of other characters are superbly written,especially M and main villain and introduction of Q in totally new avatar,movie has believable twists.Some times even we forget that its JAMES BOND movie as director had given it a subtle touch not magnum opus touch as it happened with previous bond flicks.Craig's bond is emotional too and 1st time Bond flick mentioned about his childhood.

Reasons film is not good- Just one reason,as we enter in cinema hall to watch 007 flick,we need bond(almost like superhero) to give superb punch liners and who can always emerge victorious against his arch enemies and display superior future gadgets,cars etc. but this flick doesn't care about that. 
 It is for the audience who want to see bond in other version and not part of typical bond trademark. 
Watched Chakravyuh ,above average movie,not up-to the expectation as i was expecting better from Prakash Jha.As one of my most favr8 actor is Abhay Deol,but i was disappointed by him as i felt,this role of Naxal didn't suited him and he missed the vibe of aggression needed for the role.Manoj bajpayee's role was limited and he too was missing power required to showcase a dangerous Naxal leader.
Arjun Rampal(against my expectation) acted superb and i felt that this film belongs to him,he portrayed logical,powerful,brainy police official who is vulnerable too.Best part about the movie is -it never tried to preach anyone,it let us make the assumptions.We all know that Maoists and Naxalism is internal conflict in our country or more than that a struggle to attain what should be theirs by deprived. Script could be little more tight,as it was the script which is low point for movie based on naxal moments.Making a film on naxals,should also make ppl realise about ideology about the leaders,who started the moment,it lacked the proper expression.Om puri's role was not much bt he performed well.One more thing , i don't get it - Che Guevara's photos are prominently shown in movie,with naxal leaders.Dear prakash jha,please go through che guevera's biography,you will know that he was a rebel and doesn't share the ideology,which,u were trying to show case. 
Worth while movie to catch,if you like movies like student of the year,chakravyuh is not for you.

OMG(Oh My God)

Watched OMG movie. A superb flick.Comedy with logic.Paresh rawal was awesome and after long time Akshay kumar was natural and perfect for godly role :)

6 october2012-FB status update on STEVE JOBS

Visionaries are literally super passionate people and one among them was STEVE JOBS, this excerpt is from his interview given to a magazine years ago-

"I don't think I've ever worked so hard on something, but working on Macintosh was the neatest experience of my life. Almost everyone who worked on it will say that. None of us wanted to release it at the end.

It was as though we knew that once,it was out of our hands, it wouldn't be ours anymore. When we finally presented it at the shareholders' meeting, everyone in the auditorium stood up and gave it a 5-minute ovation. What was incredible to me was that I could see the Mac team in the first few rows. It was as though none of us could believe that we'd actually finished it. Everyone started crying."
 2 Nov 2012- pertaining to the news that close associates of big Netas/politicians lives a life of fortune.
NEWS UPDATE- Manohar Panse, the driver of BJP president Nitin Gadkari, who was found to be a director on several of Gadkari's companies, is not alone. Peons, clerks and drivers of leading politicians have become overnight millionaires or secured key assignments in the institutions set up by their employers.

However, Panse is reportedly unaware of the high position he holds in the firms floated or controlled by Gadkari.

Now i know what must be the better career option, driver,peons etc. of Big netas could bring a lifetime fortune :)
2 November 2012

Lines from the master of awesome writing- J.R.R TOLKIEN

All that is gold does not glitter,

Not all those who wander are lost;

The old that is strong does not wither,


Deep roots are not reached by the frost.

From the ashes a fire shall be woken,

A light from the shadows shall spring;

Renewed shall be blade that was broken,

The crown-less again shall be king.”

― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Fellowship of the Ring

26 october 2012- On Sebastian vettel's great performance on Indian Circuit

Red Bull driver Sebastian Vettel set the fastest time in Friday's opening practice for the Indian Grand Prix, boosting his hopes of taking a fourth successive race win and extending his Formula One championship lead. Now i am sure that even his car runs on "Red bull"............

25 October 2012- pertaining to vigor of small town's festival celebration

Its always happening to be a part of small town,as i have grown up in a town it had its own perks.One among them is festival celebration and engagement level of whole area.It seemed that every living and non-living entity has got invisible energy source. Well all the major festivals also included few more rituals and spin-offs which one could rarely found in big cities.
One among them is on ocassion of "Dussherra",where people distribute SONA-CHANDI(gold-sliver) to each other(off-course not real metals) but leaves from particular type of tree.Its super tradition,following on steps of satyuga when Victorious Ram,distributed Gold-silver(wealth) to common ppl.I am sure this is rare tradition which could just happen in India,where ppl are indulged into sharing their wealth with each others(off-course a mock wealth) bt it speaks lot about rich stories,which we Indians take seriously.I guess this tradition is followed in most of the towns in central and north India.

There are many things to copy-paste from my social networking updates but i guess,its boring me now. Mark Zuckerburg,i hate you to make recent generation slave of internet and your site. :(

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Mythology: compelling tales filled with Facts & Fictions(Part 1-Introduction)

What this world would be,if there are no stories,tales and fables? I am sure answer is --it will be mundane.There would be no movies or literature in that case,sounds terrible.Mythology gives us insight about past civilizations,people and more importantly an idea which forms the pillar of  consecutive culture which follows it.Every nation is extension of an idea which forms the perspective of any nation.

 I abhor calling it mythology because this word itself expresses myth,in Hindi(dewanagri lipi) its called pauranik which comes from ancient literature(purans).Ancient stories from greek gods to pharaohs ;let us know about the way people lived their lives,the magnum opus of  earlier civilization from vikings to pirates and most importantly;let us make assumptions,improving our imagination.Letting us flow into the rich tales from Ramayana,Mahabharata,Ulysses to dead sea scrolls and many other literature from past.

Stories which helps us from material to spiritual senses.Invoke in us certain emotions and stir thought process.From stories of dragons to tooth fairies everything is so lively.Great archers,warriors,samurais,knights,Gods inducing in us sense of heroism and to understand between good and evil.

Reality and fantasy is so interconnected among ancient stories that it is very hard to know about truth,in the midst of eternal fables lies the truth which fulfills the curiousness boiling inside mankind.

All stories from each culture at some point converge with each other. Religious books too have many common stories among them which i'll state in next parts.

Let me point out few similarities between Greek and Indian mythology - Mount Olympus is place where Greek Titans reside and Mount Meru(swarga) is abode of Indian Gods(devtas). Zeus the supreme Greek Titan's mighty tool of destruction  is lightning rod and Indra(the king of devs) held vajra which posses almost same power of lightning as with his counterpart Zeus.Devtas/Titans from Indian and Greek mythology held the divine place in mountains and posses weapons of almost same effect.Zeus and Indra both fallen in love(many times) with human girls of ravishing beauties and took the form of birds,animals and other human beings with sole motive of satisfying lust.In both the cases consequences followed.

Ancient Indian and Greek tales are written in different eras and geographical  locations than too if we dive into the ocean of stories similarities emerges and it makes me feel that all the people around the world are interconnected in some or other manner.

I ll be writing more on this topic in next sections.

Indra on his war elephant Erawat

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Movie Review: Batman- Dark Knight rises

 "Batman:Dark Knight Rises" An epic conclusion to fantastic trilogy.Movies needs HERO to make them work in case of this film more than actor "Christian bale" its director "Christopher Nolan" who made the flicks(trilogy) work. Rarely it happens in world of cinema that director plays much more vital role as compared to actors and Nolan is one among those few wonderful directors.Neither do i want to talk about the great actors(except Joker-Heath ledger and bale) in trilogy as- Gary oldman,Morgan freeman,katie holmes,Michael caine,Anne hathway,Mariot,Joseph,eckheart,Tom hardy etc. as they were the perfect starcast.Its more about series as whole.

Well, my post is not spoiler and more than review its about the BATVERSE experience(created by Noaln's films).I am not going to mention ratings,plot or analysis. In nutshell as per me it is between fantastic & super-fantastic,bit short of  expectant spectacle.


Among so many DC-Comics characters(and super heroes from other comics too) Batman is arguably the most popular  super hero(or hero, as he have no super power).From his comics to animated films batman has something different from standard super heroes.He don't posses super-humane power and have  much darker shade(not grim or heinous acts) in terms of execution.Other super heroes as Spiderman,Super-man etc. heroism is labeled  upon them due to super-power they carries but in case of BATMAN he opted for it and polished himself to become almost like super power possessing super hero.

Coming to films, Tim burton previously directed  earlier version of batman and it was good,Joel Schumacher tried to make decent flick with good star cast but unable to make it click. Enters Nolan and literally changed BATVERSE(in case of films). Opulent family,parents killed in childhood which makes Batman feel a real pang of emotions and coaxed him to be a caped crusader to save world(Gotham city basically). Same thing as already in comics and movies before but Nolan changed the perspective in executing story as all those stuffs feel more authentic.Gives him aura of imperfection but at last overcoming short falling to be a true super-hero."Batman Begins" gave batman a new life and audience liked it- from his emotions to romance everything was different and than too feels wholly connected to Batman.

Gotham city feels even more lively than New-york or London and it seems a real city and not just a city but is an invisible character in whole flicks. 

Dark knight(2nd flick) was mind boggling, from intensity of  romance to psychotic joker,this flick seemed stand alone from its previous part.Heath ledger(joker) induced - horror,fun, heinousness into film.Joker was the movie and movie was the joker.

Dark Knight Rises - Established nexus with previous two parts to give it a touch of real trilogy.It was Christian Bale(batman) who was the real character this time.Bane(tom hardy) was great but may it was heath ledger in earlier part which made Bane the villain feel like a apprentice in badness.Film was great but this time it seems it was tried to made an epic film and earlier was itself a movie which made you feel as super fantastic movie. 

As i am comparing this film with earlier version which made it feel bit less of perfect......

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

55 words fiction : Aliens

At last genius scientist created the mechanism to contact aliens light years away

As he sent few codes through his complex machines, ecstasy was  induced in him

Few days later,spaceships hovering in sky

He killed himself due to despair

Aliens now knew about a living planet they want to destroy.

55 word fiction : Smoking kills

He sucked the life out of cigarette as his last puff was long
Danger components

 Tossed butt out of his car window

Traffic signal turned green and he drove away

Big explosion on street killing many people

Half lighted remain was contacted with leaking petrol of other car.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Mughal Emperor Akbar

Mughal Empire ruled the subcontinent from 1526 to the beginning of the British Raj in 1858.Babur's (1st mughal emperor in India) victory  at panipat in the year 1526 initiated Mughal raj in India.Well this post is not about Mughal history.This post is about Akbar-most sophisticated and successful Mughal Emperor.There are many firsts under his rule; equal respect to different religions, against casteism and most importantly- Akbar not only tolerated religions other than Islam, he encouraged interfaith discussion and debate. After listening to many religious scholars from the prominent religions of his empire (i.e., Islam, Hinduism, Zoroastrianism, and, to a lesser extent Jainism, Christianity and Judaism) he decided that no one faith was entirely and exclusively true; he developed a syncretic religion which he called Din-i Ilahi, "the Divine Faith" and encouraged his subjects to follow it. It combined elements primarily from Islam and Hinduism, but also from Zoroastrianism, Jainism and Christianity. While it never gained a real following, it promoted many universal values found in these religions, including compassion, piety, abstinence and prudence. It forbade celibacy and animal slaughter. Another religion that was developing at the same time, but gained a large following and continues to this day as one of the world's great religions is Sikhism, which also blends elements of Hinduism and Islam.

Below are powerful words spoken by Akbar and it gives us insight about the  Emperor; his charisma, his thoughts, his leadership, his men, his rules, his intelligence, his dominance, his hard work and lot more.This words are just coaxing me to know more about him.....

The Mughal emperor Abul-Fath Jalal-ud-ddin Muhammad  Akbar expressing himself,noted down by  writer while Akbar spoke.

27 Jamada al-Thany, 1433
My Dear Omrah,
The words of kings resemble pearls; they are not meant for every ear. So listen as you seek the 'true north' in this sea of all-pervasive turmoil. Our grandfather, the defender of the faith who rests in paradise, Jahiruddin Muhammed Babur Mirza, was often a king without a kingdom, but the fire of ambition burning in his heart steeled his will to conquer the lands beyond daria Sind. The cruel showers of adversity made him not cynical, but wise and he wrote, "All ill, all good in the count, is gain if looked at aright." We, the Sublime Radiance, believe monarchs should be ever intent on conquest. If not, those upon throne of wrath and vengeance will have enemies rising in arms against them. Make your mothers' milk resplendent by growing the boundaries of your empire.

Be magnanimous, but if your magnanimity is taken for weakness, be decisive. A powerful clan of Uzbegs who did not let the ever-vernal flower of union and cordiality bloom was pardoned twice by us. Still, they would not cleanse the fountains of disagreement and the third time, committed the treasonable act of proclaiming Muhammed Hakim, our step-brother, as their king. We had them trampled to death.

Believe in luck but take your chances. While storming the fort of Chittor, on the night of Tuesday, 23rd February, 1568, we saw a regal Rajput supervising repairs. We lifted Sangram, our favourite gun, and shot him down. The unlucky man happened to be General Jai Mal. One lucky shot turned the cold winter of defeat into the spring of victory.

We, the Star of India, made powerful allies, so that wheel of the Mughal Empire could roll on with their help. As antagonists, Rajputs could be angry wasps, as Rana Pratap was, but they could be invaluable as allies. Though racial and religious considerations are important in our times, they are never as important as political considerations.

When the sword of the tongue is drawn, it inflicts deeper cuts than the sharpest blade. The harder the bow is drawn, the more the wood complains. As the rigours of the empire grow, there will be revolts. There were no less than 144 revolts against us. There will be times when those close to your heart will cross swords with you. Do what is needed, but treat them with respect.

When Bairam Khan, our mentor, fought with us and was brought in our royal presence after his defeat in battle, we raised him from the ground and embraced him. We made him sit to our right-hand side, as had been the rule when he was prime minister.

The nine Stars who bestow their advice on us are our most precious jewels. In 1589, when Raja Todar Mal submitted a petition asking for permission to resign so that he might go to the banks of Ganga and spend his last breath remembering God, we agreed, but realised our folly. We immediately sent admonitions saying that no worship of God was equal to the soothing of the oppressed, and that it would be better for him to spend his least breath in serving man and to make that the provision for his final journey. It's another matter that he turned back but died on the way.

All Padshahs need a great Munshi, and we chose Abul Fazl. We put on his shoulders the task of chronicling our reign, and he wrote with a pen perfumed with sincerity the account of the glorious events and of our dominion-increasing victories. And when one of our testicles was lacerated in a deer hunt, the application of the medicine was left to - who else, but the writer of the book of fortune.

Overlook defects if the Farzand is worthy of being in your presence. Raja Todar Mal was our manager of money, possessing a sharp intellect for the ins and outs of political and financial affairs, but we did not like his pride. Would that he had not been spiteful and revengeful so that a little opposition would cause dislike to spring up in his heart. But in spite of these defects, if we look to the nature of men in service, in diligence and skill, he was a man such as is seldom seen. We personally consoled him when his idols were lost while moving camps and when he abandoned sleep and food.

We never reveal ourselves to anyone. Some days we can be honest and candid, but in reality we are close and self contained with twists of words and deeds ever so divergent from the other, and most times so contradictory that even by much seeking one could not find any clue to our thoughts. Even our closest observers know no more about us on the last day than they know on first.

Never let fall from the hand, the reins of self control. We allow no sloth or idleness to find its way to us. We wake up three hours before day break. We eat once a day and leave before we are full.

We are busy with work till late at night. Bring reforms constantly, as new problems arise from new regulations. Two major reforms we carried out were creation of a centralised bureaucracy and a standard of military grading. Though the royal revenues increased, our 2000 mansabdars and their followers consume 82% of our annual budget as their pay. But then, all empires are sustained on a machinery of coercion.
We were illiterate but we had an insatiable thirst for knowledge. We have 24,000 volumes in our library and books are read to us regularly. Some of our distinguished Amirs are distinguished scholars.

For example, Abdur Rehman, the Khan-i-Khanan, is fluent in Persian, Arabic, Turki, Sanskrit, and Hindi. When we first ascended the throne, Omrah numbered 51, all non-Indian muslims. By 1580, their numbers increased to 222, nearly half-Indian and including 43 Rajputs. Be inclusive. Be firm with the great, kind to those of low estate, just to all men, high and low, neighbour or stranger, so that every man believes the king is on his side. We were sent into the world by providence to live and labour, not for oneself but for others.
We have set down of good and bad whatever we know, concerning kinsman and stranger: of them all I have set down carefully the known virtues and defects.

May God preserve you at all times! 

Emperor of Islam, Emir of the Faithful, Shadow of God on earth, Abul Fath Jalal-ud-din Muhammad Akbar Badshah Ghazi 

 Mughal rule Timeline

1526 - 1530 Babur's victory at Panipat in 1526 established the Mughal Empire and ended the reign of the Delhi Sultanate.The rise of the great Mughal dynasty in India
1530 - 1556 Humayun succeeded his father Babur and became an emperor in India.Humayun was defeated and dislodged by insurrections of nobles from the old Lodi regime. In 1540, the Mughal domain came under the control of one of those nobles, Farid Khan Sur, who assumed the regional name of Shir Shah Sur.
Humayun died unexpectedly at the age of 48 when he fell down the steps of his library in his haste to obey the muezzin's call to prayer.
1556 - 1605 Akbar, the most sophisticated Mughal commander and leader, was only 14 years of age when he succeeded his father Humayun.
1605 - 1627 Jahangir succeeded his father , Akbar.
1628 - 1658 Prince Khurram was 35 years old when he ascended the throne as Shah Jahan (King of the World).
1659 - 1707 In the summer of 1659, Aurangzeb held a coronation durbar in the Red Fort where he assumed the title of Alamgir (World Conqueror). After a bitter struggle with his three brothers, Aurangzeb was the victor who took the throne.
1857 Bahadur Shah II, the last Mughal emperor, was deposed in 1858; India was brought under the direct rule of the British Crown.
The end of the Mughal Empire.


~The Penguin History Of Early India: From The Origins To AD 1300 - By Romila Thapar (2003)
~ Emperors of the Peacock Throne - By Abraham Eraly (2004)

Online sources- wiki,economist.

Saturday, April 14, 2012


Target photo -   Assassin’s phone flashed the message and picture,
Prepared to hunt the victim; he readied himself,
Carried the gun to shoot and machete to cut the prey,
On mission to earn livelihood,
Best killer; as he was known among his benefactors,
Always elusive and anonymous to his hirers,
Makes a deal and always asks motive to kill,
Killing was his game to fame,
Stalked the gullible to fetch right time to shoot,
Got the chance at deserted street to take down the prey,
Fired the gun and bullets pierced the ill-fated man’s body,
Blood spilling from head to toe,
Last bullet still in gun’s barrel,
Murderous hand holding the gun,
Paced near the body; knelt before the body and wept,
Gun pointed by him on his forehead and last bullet smashed his brain,
Assassin just killed his brother and followed the path of self-annihilation,
Murderer's brother conspired to kill him,
As killer's phone  dropped near his idle bloody body ,
Target Photo- Showed his face.

Friday, April 13, 2012


Adrenaline rushing feeling surfaced upon his whole shacking body,
As the engine of his car roared louder than lion,
Excitement revved from car to his soul,
It seemed to him that he is on journey of awakening,
Driver's Will power escalated more than the durability of car's alloy wheel,
5000 cc displacement  coupled with 16 cylinder engine boosted car's speed and his spirit,
Speeding car more than 250k/h and drifting perfectly by skilled hands on deadly way,
At last science of extra momentum surpassed his proficient driving,
Car smashed into peaceful lake and glided on water for few seconds due to pace,
Drowned in water that fabulous piece of metal with human body,
At last driver is feeling soothing as his morale was peaked,
Water in his nostrils didn't made him frightened,
Ecstatic to perish along with his red metallic car,
Poked by his friend which made him woke,
Who was sitting next to him driving a car he was dreaming of.

Journey of a timid

Forbidden graveyard filled with gory obelisks,
Walked the fainthearted with just silvery half moon as a guide,
Each step towards destination made him shiver,
His promise made him tread as vigilante,
On land where dead's are buried,
Trying to keep foot on track,
Closed his eyes and walked in utter darkness,
Air was thick and cold was increasing,
Inhaling oxygen taking all the might,
At last he succeeded and kept his foreboding,
Respectfully kept the snook's  ball on grave,
Wept for his dog and came back.

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